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Houses Designs


Our first houses designs were designed by the project authorized architects.


Their houses designs has an especial touch of country house, with rustic details.  You have different options to choose, also you can ask for a personalized design. In that case, it has to preserve the project characteristics of tiled roof and the Panamanian structural construction norms, previously approved by our company guidelines. 

For a house purchase you will sign a purchase contract directly
with the architects – company, according with the selected house design.

Note:  All the houses in to the project have to preserve an architectural harmony.

Our houses prices rank start in $60,000.00 approximately in one floor house, and will not be under this price rank, if you choose a personalized house design.

Let us guide you according your needs to select your lot and the house design, related to the lot size you want, inside this first stage, or in the not developed stages of our master plan project.

We will be glad to help you, with our architects team that support our project, to find the best choice for your retirement or vacation property inside Boquete community, with the best climate that only this small yet beautiful town, can offer you.


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