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Welcome to Boquete Villages.



The project lotification development is managed by Grupo SIM, S.A. in a 38.5 Hectares farm, located in Alto Boquete, at the Chiriqui`province. The whole property is segmented for development in accordance with the master plan program.  The first stage has 9 Hectares 6,292.23  sq meters.

Each stage will be create with different specifications, which preserves the special characteristics of a private village in one architectural harmony among the different house designs available.

The project now on development will have main asphalted streets of 15 meters and internal streets of 12.80 meters.


Inside this private village you will enjoy a quiet environment surrounded by a country side view of mountains like "Las Huacas Hill" and "The Baru" which is a non active vulcano. Also, it will include permanent security, and common use areas for recreation and a diversity of services to provide a safe place for your pleasure.  

Infrastructure Advances

We are so proud to have all our required plans approved by the Panamanian House Ministry "MIVI", and to keep you informed about our recently infrastructure advances, according with our development schedule

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como siempre has soñado vivir

Green Areas

The first stage development has a 6,629.85 sq meters extension dedicated for public access and green areas.

Also, it has a path near to the natural water running in the rainy station, dedicated for ecological maintenance and for resident’s recreation.  You might walk with friends and family close to the natural grove.  You could appreciate a huge diversity of birds, squirrels, rabbits and more wild forest small animals.


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Green areas uses:


 - Kids playground
- Picnic and BBQ
- Beautiful Gardens
 - Bicycle paths
- Walking and jogging

            Note:  The global project will include a club house for members and other recreational facilities subjected to a membership payment.



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Nosotros/About us

Desarrolla/Develops:  Grupo SIM, S.A.
Ventas/Sales: - David, Chiriquí: (507) 774-3626 / (507) 6920-6005
Panamá: (507) 6618-3330

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